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The Living Memory

A new novel by Tim Byrne & Emma Dyer

Two girls are connected across time by their uncanny powers of memory.

   Io is a gifted fourteen-year-old who can replay memories, reliving her favourite moments just for fun or repeating her social disasters to work out exactly what went wrong.

    But when Io starts to use her gifts to avoid real life, she discovers powerful new abilities and a doorway into the past.

    Slipping backwards through time, Io becomes the ghostly companion of her ancestor, Talia Lampeter, a seventeen-year-old mesmerist’s assistant in Victorian London.      ...more

    Talia is struggling to find her place in society and doesn’t have time to worry about a ghostly girl who claims to be from the distant future.

    In 1853 superstitions are running riot. Beautiful mystics, charming mesmerists and mysterious masked performers are bewitching the parlours and palaces of London.

    Bound together by their strange talents, Io and Talia must decide how they want to live. Both of them have lost their way, but learning how to use their gifts could change their lives forever.


 Lily, Goodreads
...such an amazing story line, that captivates you from the get-go!
 Yasmin, Amazon.
This is a beautifully written story that I'd recommend highly to anyone who enjoys fantasy and young adult fiction...
 KGA Bright, Amazon.
So many creative ideas spun together into an intriguing and frequently surprising tale...

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